Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Strength In Numbers - Maroon5 S.I.N

Hi guys! Now I'm officially registered in Maroon5 Fans Page. What's that?
Actually I've just known it several hours ago. I love Maroon. And in this chance, I use my holiday to find out what's the name of Maroon5 fans.

After spending a long time, no I mean about a minute to find it on Google. I found it.. Once more..

The name is Maroon5 S.I.N. what is S.I.N? It's Strength In Numbers.
What does it mean? Don't ask me. But ask Adam, Matt, Mickey and James.

Why I love Maroon5?
At first, the first thing that can't be refused is the songs are absolutely good to be listened.
Second, I'm falling in love with Adam's voice..... and also Adam's look.
How can people like that single? If I live in USA, I'll propose him as soon as possible.
He's the hottest guy ever in the world.

Skip that. Here's Maroon 5

James Valentine as a guitarist.
Mickey Madden as a bassist.
Matt Flynn as a drummer.
Adam Levine as a guitarist/lead vocalist.

Then, how can I register to Maroon5 S.I.N. page?
It's easy. Just go to http://www.maroon5sin.com then find the register thing.
I register as a free fans. Cause I haven't had a credit yet.

Enjoy the musics! :D

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