Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Last but not least

Last but not least.

As the name of the title, this story will be about something that will last, and yes, not the least.

Being in college for about 3 years is making me such a different person because I met so many people like from all around the world. No, not the world. All around Indonesia? Maybe, but not like that either.

People say that studying abroad is hard because you are far far away from your home.
What about those who study in other city or even other province or other island? What about those who come home twice in a year? What about that? What about me?

That's hard too. Like, real hard. Not only because I am far from home but also because it is hard to adapt with a different culture in such a multicultural country. So many differences between living in my neighborhood and here, in the "abroad" of mine.

What is the last from all of these?

What last is.. hopefully this is the last semester that I will take. Seventh semester. The last semester that I will study about public administration in here, Jenderal Soedirman University.
I don't wanna have another semester. It's enough for me.

I'd rather go to other country than being here..

It's not because the univ is kind of bad. Nope. But I can't stand with the ideology of them who are always saying yes for things that is not even true. Not even right.

So, this is just the little cringe of my heart after all this time.
Last but not the least. I hope this is the LAST semester I have here.
But, I don't wanna stop studying. I wanna keep learning and knowing about new things.
Hopefully, there is such a way for me to learn things in a good surroundings.