Thursday, May 17, 2012

Example of Hortatory Exposition

People shouldn't Share Their Problems
In Social Network

Thesis  : Sharing problems in social network really annoys to other people and embarass themselves who do it.

Argue1: Firstly, people who share their problems in social network really annoys to other people. In Facebook and Twitter, there are many unstable teenagers who post their problems here. Here’s an example....

“I’m so sad. Nobody cares with me. My parents never think about me. They just think about money, money, and money.”

Social network is not about share the problem like this. As a user of social network, I feel like they are disturbing my vision with their status. I wanna see news from people updates, but when they use it for sharing their problems, it’s annoying.

Argue2: Not only annoys to other people, sharing problems in social network embarass themselves. With posting like what I show before, people think that the person who posted it has a terrible life. And it shows us that the person isn’t polite enough. It just makes us think that the person is bad. And it embarrasses her/himself.

Recommended: Finally, I strongly agree that people shouldn’t share their problem in social network. It’s better for them to write their feeling in a book which called diary or they just have to share it with their friends. Because if share their problems in social network, every people who is online will know the bad side of them.