Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I don't have to introduce myself anymore. Cause you all know who I am.
I'm an ordinary girl which full of spirits and wishes.
I'm just an untalented girl who was born on 1994.
Now I'm 17. In this 17, I feel like many differences of life.
Have you ever felt like nobody appreciates what you've done?
Or maybe people see you by what you've done. Not what you've been through?
It just... suck.
I've ever joined some competition and the jury acted like they made me drop.
I just hate it. So much. Who don't hate if there are people said that your life is messy just because you don't have any talents like anybody else?
Should I do what you want? Can that thing makes me success someday? Are you the one who make a destiny of my life? I wanna mad but I still appreciate them.
"Hey you, the woman and men. Read this. This is for ya.
So now, I'm an untalented girl.
I just can do a lil beat box, make some quotes, make some stories, become a host, make people smile and laugh, and lil acting.
Once more, my life is messy and I'm untalented.
Don't try to ask some helps from me.
Accept me from who I am. Not what I got."

For the readers,
Keep smiling and enjoying this life! :)
This isn't for ya but for those people :p

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