Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday Partyyyyyy

Once upon a time...

There was a beautiful veiled girl named, Shabrina Tri Andini. Yes, that’s me 
“Hello readers my name is Rina and i want to tell you about my story, get it?”

December 24.....
It was my birhtday, and what? I invited my friends to come to my house, actually I didn’t make any party but they made it for me..
At first, i told my friend, Rien Nindya Kirana to come to my house because i felt so bored. And my boyfriend, ****** didn’t let me to go out from house because he wanted to come. Ok, I spent much time at my house and I thought it was really not interesting. Rien and **** said that they wanted to come after pray zuhur..

It was 1 o’clock and they hadn’t come yet. I waited for a long time and i really really bored. Finally, I went out from my house and played a bicycle. I went to mosque and I saw one girl and 2 boys were preparing a birthday party. and who were they??? They were my friends, Rien Nindya Kirana, Egi Pratama, and Tata Muhammad Firza!! I surprised to see them. I shouted to them “kiwww” and they looked at me. They were “salting” haha LOL. I shouted, “Okay, I will go home, I hope it will be surprised”. And Egi called me and asked me to go there. Okay, I went to place which they were standing. Egi told me that “Pretend that you don’t see us and you think if you don’t pass this street ok?” -à “Ceritanya lu ga ngeliat kita dan lu pura2nya ga lewat sini ya”. I just can laugh hahahahhaha and I went home, I waited for them. It’s about thirty minutes I was waiting for them and finally they came. They sang “happy birthday RINA” in front of my house. There were Rien Nindya Kirana, Egi Pratama, Tata Muhammad Firza, Fickry Firdaus Putra Fadhlillah, and last Ratu Anisa Prima Agustina.
They gave me a chocolate cake woohoo!! And my *** gave me a flowerrrrr
They came into my house and we were playing and have fun together..

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