Saturday, May 28, 2011

Everything turns into a flat thing. I feel like there's nothing special in a day to day, this is what I called fuckin' life. When I feel there's no one who care with me, when I feel like I've been forgotten by my friends. It was so sucks... Have you ever felt like this before? The one that I hate so much is when I adore someone and my friend adore him too. What the.....
Is there anyone can cheer me up? Live my life? I need it so damn much.
Love is such a damn thing for me right now. I can't see a brighter day if I spend my time like this.
I can't think what is better for me right now, should I give up or keep survive with love?
I'm afraid if the ending will be disappointed. Maybe Avril's song is match for me right now...
"What the hell"

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