Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love Hurts

People said that "If you are patient in waiting of something, that thing will be come true."
At first, I trust that sentence. I was waiting and trying. To get what I really want. Yes, I just want.. love.

 Then people said that love is beautiful. I try to find in which side they feel "love is beautiful."

Day by day, time passed away.
I've been waiting for that fuckin miracle since that time. A years ago. I've been trying. I've been waiting. I've been praying. But, where are the miracles? Were those people lying? I don't think so.
Night after night, my love for that person was getting higher. But... I didn't think that it was beautiful.
I was killed by this love. I was hurted. I was broken.
Yes, I couldn't get what I wanted. I couldn't get what I've been waiting.

Love isn't always beautiful. And things that you are waiting for, not always will happen.
So, just accept the truth that you can't get what you want.
What you gotta do is only one. Make it an experience in your life and don't repeat it :)

You have to be ready for moving on!

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