Saturday, August 25, 2012

An Unusual Ramadhan

Hello there! I'd like to tell you about this Ramadhan (1433H)
This Ramadhan wasn't as easy as before. I mean, this is harder.

First of all, my aunt was sick and she has to be hospitalized.
Her illness wasn't usual. It's kind of her cerebral vascular broke.
And she had to be bald and did a surgery.

After that, my Mom was sick too. It was like a symptoms of chikungunya.
Then, me. I was sick. Such a symptoms of dengue fever.. My face was pale, and I didn't have any spirits.
My Daddy was sick too. Like my Mom.

The hardest thing is this one.
My uncle passed away because of heart attack.
I was so sad, really sad. I mourned for some days.....

Then, when my family canceled to go to Surabaya by car because the condition of my Dad wasn't good.
So we chose to go to Surabaya by plan. At the first, my Dad didn't get the tickets for 5 of us.
But finally we could go when Eid Mubarak happened.....

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