Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Meaning Of Life

Be born. Learn to talk. Go to school. Get up to school. Study hard.
Graduate. Look for job. Find better job. Make money. Make more money.
Save money. Meet somebody. Go out with somebody. Marry somebody. Make money.
Read “Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Move up the ladder at work.
Make more money. Get u go to work. Come home and watch television. Have a baby.
Mow the lawn. Have another baby. Make more money. Buy a family car. Buy bigger television.
Hunting for supermarket sale. Make money. Buy Elmo & Barney videos for the kids.
Eat at McDonald’s. Go see the latest romantic comedy movie. Take a vacation to Disneyland.
Buy a dog for the kids. Call the plumber when sink is broken. Make more money.
Cast your vote to “American Idol”. Take up golf. Go to high school reunion.
Make more money. Send the kids to college. Get kind of fat. Become grand parent.
Take Bayer aspirin for your Arthritis. Finish making money. Retire. Get old. Die.

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