Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Can you feel the atmosphere? It's really different. Yes, we're going to celebrate Mubarak Eid tomorrow. And you know what? This year is not the same with the years before. Why? Because, in Indonesia the "Lebaran" day is celebrated not in the same day. There are some people who celebrate Lebaran on Tuesday (30/08/2011) and some people celebrate Lebaran on the nexy day, Wednesday (31/08/2011). Why is it happen?

Ok. at first an organisation which called Muhammadiyah said that they had already seen a "hilal". It means Lebaran can be celebrated on Tuesday. But many people said that they hadn't seen the hilal yet. The government  looked galau. They confused to decide the result. And finally, they informed the Indonesian people to celebrate Lebaran on Wednesday. There are many contra on it. Many countries for example Malaysia, Brunei, Saudi, etc celebrated Lebaran on Tuesday. So, many people in Indonesia celebrated Lebaran on Tuesday too. 

I don't like this situation when Islam don't enjoy the day together. This is our day! Not mine, or not yours. But it's ours. Why don't we celebrate it together?
When I online twitter, many followers debated something. At first I didn't know what were they talking about. But... yap! It's about fasting. Some people said that fasting in a day that some people had already celebrated Lebaran, is haram. Many people confused but they didn't know which one is true and which one is false.
Hope next year the Lebaran can't make us confuse anymore.

Now, I wanna apologize if I had many mistakes. No body is perfect, so do I. I never meant to hurt anyone heart. I love my friend, my family, my bestfriend. Thank you for being my blog reader.
Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin :D

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