Friday, June 17, 2011

Our quotes

  • Sometimes, what we want isn't happend.... It means God has something better for us. Trust it
  • I try to be the best with doing some better things
  • It's not about how much you love me. It's about you'll leave me or not, someday
  • I hope someday you’ll find all my quotes, all my words, and read them all. I hope you’ll know that they’re all about you
  • "My biggest fear is being forgotten."
  • I don't need another man, I just wanna be with you
  • Everything turns into a flat thing, nothing special from day to a day.. This is what I called a fuckin' life
  • L.o.v.e is a kind of word which so hard to be expressed
  • I know you don't think that I am trying
  • A function of memory is to be a motivator for us to move on, not to stuck
  • Those who act like they know everything, are annoying to those of us who do.
  • Eventhough I'm not the only one for you, but you're the only one for me
  • Every person has their own perception about somethig. Don't ever think if what you think is what they think. You're wrong
  • When ur bestfriend said "I don't wanna lose you" I think they really meant it, not like boys.
  • I call it love at the first sight, this is happend by seeing your eyes and your smile
  • I go to your fb/twitter page because I miss you, then regret it because of what I see.

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