Sunday, June 19, 2011


Gosh! I was shock when I knew the truth!! This is what I called weird. I've already told you right if I had a pet, she is a cat and her name is Barbara. She has been living in my house for 4 months. And all of my family thought that she is a cat woman....

But everything changes when my friend came to my house. They saw my cat, played with her and.... Dewa said that my cat wasn't a woman, but a man. I was so shocked and didn't realize it.
At night.... I asked my mother bout it and my Mom was shock too. And finally, we did a research about it and yap! My cat is not a woman! He is a man.... That's the truth. And my Mom changed his name to be... Thomas. Cause if his name stil "Barbara" I don't know what will happen. Does he will be a half woman and a half man?

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