Thursday, June 23, 2011


Lost lost lost.. I didn't lose you. I just don't want to meet you, see your face, hear your voice, and receive your message. You have made me feel this way. Now, I really hate you. Don't ask me why. You have to know it by yourself..

One day, I didn't meet you at school and I was so glad. And when I went to mall, I saw you! Yes! You were reading a book when I passed that way. I tried not to look at you, I acted like I was reading too. Then when I looked back, you had gone. I walked away that way and I looked in every side of that places. And zonk! I didn't find you. I don't know why I'm searching for you?
And I came back to the first place where I met you, and I walked again to find you. But there was no you. Suddenly my friend sent me a sms, she said that she saw you. I went there directly. On the way there, I met you. You were with your friend. You saw me and I saw you too. But we didn't talked and smiled each other. I went to my friend directly. My friend said that I was late, the boy who I was searching for has already left. I just said yes, no problem. Cause I've already met him. I don't know why I did it. I hate him but I wanna see him.

Who the hell are you? Now, I try to forget you as soon as possible. I hope I can O:)

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