Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Impact of The Second World War

The impact of the second world war, I think it was so tragic. World War II has caused huge losses to both countries involved in war or not. The biggest disadvantage is making millions of people died caused by the war atrocities. The other side of the world who didn’t follow the war had experienced substantial losses. They would feel worried and scared about that. The economy, politic etc would be destroyed. The victory of the allies (Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union) in the second world war was helped by the US (equipment, soldiers, weapon) that could accelerate the end of the war with the Allied victory in hand. World War II had destroyed the hegemony of the big countries like Britain, France,Spain, and Portugal who had for centuries in control of power in various parts of the world. The occurrence of World War II are not directly influence the political life of Indonesia's independence movement. In 1942 Japan defeated the Netherlands, the DutchIndonesian position was taken over by the Japanese. This means that Indonesiabegan being colonized by Japan. The period of Japanese occupation runs about 3.5years. Various policies of Japan in Indonesia aimed at strengthening military power. In addition to supporting the Allied victory in the face. World War II was also influential inachieving independence of Indonesia.

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